Ce blog n’a pas de vêtement.

My blog is naked today.

Thanks to Dustin, last year I went naked too. Well, here we are again for the 2nd Annual CSS Naked Day. When I last checked, there were 1400+ sites going naked today.

Here are the reasons I am doing it:

  1. I want to be popular, just like all the cool kids.
  2. I like being able to read and interact well with a site regardless of the design.
  3. I’ve kept the look of my site for a long time in blog design terms and I just needed to look at something different. Not that I would be caught dead visiting this site.
  4. I have a penchant for web (or interweb as the cool kids say) initiatives that don’t require an individual to do much, but combined with a couple thousand other individuals makes a huge impact.

So, I am naked… won’t you be naked too?

And for the sake of googlejuice: Matthew Oliphant usability design naked. Take that naked-seeking googlers. Okay, okay. It’s unlikely, but this site gets hits from search engines on the oddest combination of terms.

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