Authenticity and Trustworthiness in Blogging

As you read content around the web, how much time do you spend consciously thinking about issues of trust and authenticity related to the site’s content or its author?

Now that we see more and more companies jumping in to the world of blogging, perhaps you think a little more about it than you did before. We’ve written, in our white paper, about the need for an authentic voice when blogging. We stand by it still. But what does it really take for a business to be perceived as authentic and trustworthy? Are they the same thing? How are they different?

While this isn’t an intro to Soap, we are hoping that these questions and more will be answered by Jesper Bindslev and Jon Froda.

We would love to get some input from you guys. Do you have examples of what makes you perceive a blogger or a company as authentic? Do you trust a company because it has bloggers whom you find authentic? How do you see the relationship between trust and authenticity?

Jesper and Jon interviewed me at the Blog Business Summit in January, and we shared a great meal afterwards. My apologies again for it taking so long to find a place to eat guys; that’s the downside of hanging out with a vegetarian.

We have been following their work and hope to see more from them along these lines. If you think you can help them in their research, stop by E-mediators and help them out.