Don’t Make Me Create a “Fake Blog” Category



Please, just stop. There are plenty of ways to use a blog to your advantage. So stop being fake. And if you are not being fake, make a blog that doesn’t read like it was put together by the kids in marketing.

Don’t misstep and become a poster-blog for how to ruin your rep.

updated   AdRants says the flog is a joke.

We know the creator of the blog and he emailed us Monday to tell us about it. Pepsi has nothing to do with this blog. It’s simply a joke. Next.

This “move along folks nothing to see here” statement may be true, but I still stand by my comment that Pepsi should know about this and should also be figuring out what they want to do about it. They may not want to do anything, but they should be aware at least. And this goes for every company that has direct customer contact.