I was talking with Steve

I was talking with Steve Fadden recently. I remarked to him that blogs (especially community blogs, which I wish I could make this one open for everyone to post) are a bit like MUSHing, MUDing and the like. Confined (usually) to a topic. A sense of belonging. Text-driven (I realize there are photo blogs out there).

So I got to thinking about my MUSHing days (10 years ago!) on PernMUSH, Belior Rising, the toocool, yet doomed Desert Wings MUSH (hey it was 1996!). I still have some TinyMUSH code on my computer. Don’t have my random poetry generator though. Tres sad.

Anyway. No point really. I am just starting to get reaquainted with the Internet on a social level. And surprise, surprise… everything is different, yet the same. So welcome to the world of multi-user shared hallucinations! Or what Oscar Wilde might have termed, Bunburying. Cause while this is me typing, the online me is a little bit different than the RL me. @set me=@whee!