Updated/added some links to the

Updated/added some links to the right.

At work on a Saturday. Again. Working on a prototype for usability on Monday and Tuesday. The scenarios are all set, we (one of the developers is here too, go Annie!) just need to plug in some realistic fake data, and make sure all the links work. Not a big deal. But I also need to work on some UI specs for another project. Again, not a big deal, but it is a lot of typing. Thankfully I don’t have to do as much as I thought because I am just making sure the screens are compliant with the latest style guide. So I can grab the documentation from the previous project (that happened about 2 years ago), do a copy & paste, then make the updates. Thanks to Sharon Witter for some decent spec’ing the first time around.

Steve Fadden comes in for an interview on Monday. I hope he gets the job/takes the job. It would be nice to have someone out here that I know. Even though we’ve never met in person. :)

Haven’t heard from Frank lately. Frank? You out there?

Yup, here I am talking about people who aren’t around, while I sit in my cube, alone on my floor of the building.

What’s up with you?